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Artificial intelligence and disinformation

Detecting and counteracting propaganda spread by means of new technologies

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About the project

Over the past 2 years of full-scale invasion, social media and the internet have become an even greater source of disinformation. In addition, today's new technologies are increasingly facilitating the creation of propaganda. For example, one of the most popular services with millions of users, ChatGPT (which produces various types of content in just a few seconds, from articles and TV scripts to marketing strategies and even software code) often generates false information by distorting historical facts and creating non-existent news and events.

Unfortunately, many journalists, bloggers, and public figures often use artificial intelligence services to create and distribute content related to the war and the situation in the country in general without appropriate fact-checking, and as a result, spread even more disinformation and propaganda.

Understanding the urgency of solving this problem, the team of the Institute of Innovative Governance, with the financial support of the UK Government and together with partners, launched the project "AI Awareness: A Guide for Content Creators to Identify and Combat Russian Propaganda in Emerging Technologies", which aims to teach content creators, journalists and social media users how to recognise and counter propaganda created by artificial intelligence technologies.

Our Mission

Our project aims to address this growing problem by providing content creators, journalists and social media users with the knowledge and tools to recognise and counter propaganda generated by artificial intelligence. The initiative focuses on raising awareness and understanding of how artificial intelligence can be used to spread disinformation. Through this project, we aim to create a more informed and responsible digital community that can critically evaluate and challenge the credibility of AI-generated content.

Train content creators, journalists and social media users to identify disinformation created by artificial intelligence.
Provide resources and tools to help verify and fact-check content created by artificial intelligence.
Promote the formation of a community of informed users who can actively counteract the spread of propaganda in the digital space.

About the Institute of Innovative Governance

The Institute of Innovative Governance is a think tank and non-governmental organisation that promotes inclusive digital democracy and governance, as well as the protection of digital rights in Ukraine and beyond.

Our work includes in-depth analytical and research activities, as well as the implementation of transformation projects in Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership countries. With a team of experts specialising in artificial intelligence regulation, digital rights protection, personal data security and digital accessibility, we aim to create a digital landscape where technology empowers and protects, promoting transparent governance and ensuring full and secure digital interaction for all. As a centre for innovation and advocacy, our mission is to shape a future where digital advances are harmoniously combined with the principles of democracy, inclusion and human rights.

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Team of the Institute of Innovative Governance
The team of the Institute of Innovative Governance at the conference Artificial Intelligence and Propaganda
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Critically evaluate and verify information in the age of AI-driven narratives

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CEO and Co-Founder
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